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For example, whenever a horse and rider is depicted, we know the date to be after A. 1540 when the Spaniards reintroduced the horse to the New World.

The presence of bows and arrows is presumed to indicate a date after A. 500, the generally accepted time period for their appearance in this region.

Petroglyphs are commonly found on the black or brown surface (called desert varnish) of rock cliffs.

The straight, smooth, red sandstone found in the Navajo and Wingate formations is a good area to look for pictographs.

Their game included now extinct Pleistocene fauna such as mammoths and mastodons.

A later culture called Archaic, probably used central base camps during their seasonal round of activities based on harvesting wild plants and animals.

Examples of both types of rock art are found along the sites described in this guide. The patterns and motifs may be similar, but are never quite the same.

Styles vary from place to place, and from people to people.

Rock art was produced by a number of prehistoric and historic peoples over thousands of years. A big game hunting people, known as Paleo-Indians, are considered to be the first human users in the area.

Approximately 75 feet west and down the slope from road, is a large boulder with rock art on all four sides.

Figures and designs range from the Formative to the historic Ute period.The Moab area has numerous examples of Indian rock art to enjoy.


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