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Two companies of men led by Henry Lunt reached the fort site in a blizzard on November 11, 1851, making that date the official founding.In 1855, a new site, closer to the iron works and out of the flood plain of Coal Creek, was established at the suggestion of Brigham Young; present day Cedar City is located at this site. The iron works closed in 1858, though iron mining continued in the area until the 1980s.There were 7,109 housing units at an average density of 353.9 per square mile (136.6/km²).The racial makeup of the city was 92.06% White, 2.53% African American, 1.11% Native American, 0.47% Asian, 0.33% Pacific Islander, 1.65% from other races, and 1.86% from two or more races.


Cedar City is located in the southeast Great Basin, and is about 20 miles (32 km) north of the northeastern edge of the Mojave Desert.

Although locality is common to other shops and places, the place has more style and class.

To match its decor comes with a very friendly staff and of course food to match.

Los Angeles is 439 miles (707 km) south and San Diego is 500 miles (800 km) south on Interstate 15, Phoenix is 465 miles (748 km) south via Interstate 15 and US-93, and Denver is 580 miles (930 km) east via Interstates 15 and 70.


A branch line of the Union Pacific Railroad serves customers on the western outskits of the city.The completion of a railroad connection to Cedar City in 1923 established the area as a tourism gateway to nearby Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park, in addition to Cedar Breaks National Monument.



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