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Mary of the Mills, Laurel, parishioner who explored the Washington, D.

They ignored naysayers who criticized them for moving too quickly and did what they felt was best for them.


One recent post on my blog ( discussed creating a "dating inbox," a special e-mail address to use for online dating so you have an initial buffer between you and new contacts. That's when I would point out the higher divorce statistics for couples that lived together before marriage.

We need to also reflect on the call to marriage, because without strong Catholic families, we may not have the children who grow up to pursue religious life. We need to encourage married Catholics to help the singles in their social circles when they can.

I know that my house is a "heartbreak hotel" at times!

We have friends and relatives come to our home or call us when they've had a traumatic break-up, and we do our best to advise and re-build them.

Married people will usually have some practical, realistic nuggets of wisdom to offer.

At the same time, I don't believe it is always appropriate to completely rule out all non-Catholics when dating.


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