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How IRPI conducted an international investigation working with 15 victims of sexual violence after the story was leaked to reporters.

The story, nicknamed "the couchsurfing rapist" was published in ... The session will consider the following issues; how best to report on a suicide, the choice of details to be provided, the use of images, the verificatio...

The panel will consider the case of the Umbrian regional newspaper Il Giornale dell’Umbria: the recent transfer of ownership, the collapse in copies sold due to controversial editorial choices, th...


This workshop is inspired by the project of European communication entitled Finestra sull'Europa, which is an experimental program developed at the University of Perugia and La Sapienza University ...” Gianni Morandi è scivolato sull’erba bagnata del suo giardino e si è fratturato 3 costole.



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    With the decline of the canal and the emergence of the railroad, the town became the home of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad maintenance shops through the influence of Marvin Kent.

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    The history of Eevie's camming career is collective, a mutual memory that builds and changes with the people she's connected to, and the stories Eevie told me were my first exposure to how personal and meaningful camming relationships can become. (Sarah's name has been changed for this article.) Boggers asks if Eevie has told me "their story." He explains over private message: "Eevie has been great, we liked her from the first time we saw her just a real genuine person not fake and all about the tokens and stuff.

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