How to put a girl to sex chat on texts dating vietnamese women tips

This ensures that she is now paying attention to the next couple messages you send.

And puts her in a much better frame of mind to go for the meetup.

You can know then what is sexy for him and if it will suit you.

Another awesome one for Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy is to know from him where he likes to be touched in his body.

Also, another thing you can ask about what he wears at night.

Of course, nothing would be the best answer but it will let him know about your wants.

So if you send her a boring, average text that doesn’t engage or excite her- you’re toast. There are wide variety of texts that you can send to accomplish this goal. Texting is not meant for long ‘get to know you’ type conversations. More than likely after the first “What are you up to?

You have to know how to cram bits and pieces of your personality into the messages so that she remembers who you are, and why she was attracted to you in the first place. And if you want to learn the craft then I recommend you watch the Magnetic Messaging Video.

And you also have to know how to blur the line between getting sexual over text and being creepy or perverted. The video reveals Rob Judge’s “Key Lock Sequence” for turning phone numbers into dates.

Also what the boldest sex chat message he has given in the past.


The topic on lingerie is another hot and Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy as it will definitely make him think in that way and also you can know how much he invests in all these.

The third mistake asking for the date too soon or too late.


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