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Their car always slumps after they release the brake pedal. Putting the car in neutral, but also making sure the hand brake is on, saves you from turning off the ignition.But you have to do it on level ground, and the brake has to be fully engaged. If it's a manual transmission, the only way to keep the car running if you're stopped and not pressing the clutch is to put it in neutral.Maybe it was just by chance he saw this place and decided to rent it. Ugh, I just don't know how angry and bitter you have to be to wish someone else dead because someone you like died.If only he hadn't seen this house and decided to rent a different house with a different setup. All those "it should have been so and so instead" or "I'll trade so and so for so and so" make me ill.They could also promote him to the command of a destroyer or other light vessel. You should always use the parking/emergency brake, no exceptions.


Anyone who's familiar with this kid's work knows what a creative genius and brilliant spirit he was. Russians generally don't circumcise, so maybe their Jews don't, either. What a rare and beautiful soul with his unstoppable passion for life.

He's been on so many tv shows that his face was always familiar.


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