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As the app says, it's "a new way to start a conversation." Plus, you get to expand your own hobbies, interests, and favorites by looking through each other's lists.

After launching in San Francisco last fall, Whim finally opened up to the rest of the country in September 2016.

Desire's got the vibe of a game with the payoff of improving your relationship and upping your sexual chemistry. Sapio is for smart people without all of the pretension of some of the other "smart people" apps (ahem, The League).

Instead of the regular old "you're-kind-of-hot-so-I-guess-I'll-swipe" mentality, Sapio is genuinely aimed at helping like-minded people find love by pushing users to find someone physically AND MENTALLY attractive.

It's a whole new way to keep lists of your favorite things, discover new stuff, and meet cool people.


It launched in 2015, but really hit its stride this year with lots of users who are super-fun to hang out with on the app and in real life.The redesign is being touted as "Match for a new generation." The redesign certainly has some attractive qualities; as it feels like we're way overdue for at least a few deeper and more meaningful dating apps that aren't painfully cheesy.Sweatt is an app that brings together your love of fitness and your love of dating.You get three strangers, and have to decide whether you'd want to marry, sleep with, or kill them.

This app is perfect for thick-skinned people who don't take issue with shallow, snap-judgment brutality. As long as you're alright with pretending to kill a stranger (virtually, guys! I am obsessed with My5ive because it's not explicitly a dating app, but works like a dating app at the same time.


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