Talan dating

From someone who had known her for many years-- "If you hardly know her, she will be semi-polite.If you get to know her, she can be really boring because all she likes to talk about is her, money, and her money." Others defend LC by saying she's just an overall quiet person and that can throw her off as being "bitchy".WHAT CASEY REALLY SAID ABOUT ALEX M ON THE SHOWDuring a Season Two episode, there was a tiny fight between Casey & Alex M.Casey had spread a rumor about Alex M having a hygeine problem and coming from someone who had heard the rumour herself, "Casey said that Alex had an STD, herpes, ghonorrhea, something like that."LO DOING COKE & HER DIRTY WAYSLo began doing coke at the end of her junoir year and throughout her senoir year.

FILMING FOR LAGUNA BEACH WAS/IS SCHEDULED: Filming for the show is done on certain days.One name that some of the girls aren't so comfortable with is Kristin.She's a junior and is dating Laguna's most-eligible bachelor, Stephen.Stephen "hooked up" with LC numerous times, while dating Kristin.


LC & HER ANOREXIA BATTLE IN HIGH SCHOOLLauren was anorexic her freshman year, part of her sophmore year, and part of her junoir year in high school.It was more of a social thing.- Most of the Laguna kids who go to private clubs in LA now are most likely doing coke.- Everytime there was a red cup, plastic cup, or waterbottle filled with something that wasn't CLEAR..



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