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Nocut News, part of Christian broadcaster CBS, is garnering popularity with a series of reports on expats’ pick-up line skills in Korea.

Although CBS (Christian Broadcasting System) and its ownership structure are obviously Christian, it is mostly secular when it comes to general news content.

As soon as we reported it, the police immediately launched an investigation and the school took action by firing him.

In light of this incident, CBS’s Nocut News decided to carry out news coverage to retrace the distorted values and the reality of native language teachers who in majority are white men [Nocut News editor’s note].

Oh, my foreigner friend also let me have read some of text messages from those girls, and they were full of rubbish talks like ‘I like that you’ve got such a huge dick.’ tsk tsk They have no idea he’s broadcasting their sex lives to me.

I used to think these kind of claims came out of misogyny; however, if foreigners see Korean women the way this article explains, maybe it really is a serious issue.



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