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offers the best in Free to Air Support for your Coolsat 6000 Premium FTA Receiver.Coolsat 6000 purchases from FTA Satellite Source include FREE access to our private members forum for all of the latest coolsat 6000 files & 6000 keys. FTA Satellite Source has the latest coolsat software & instructions for Coolsat 6000 Premium & Coolsat 8000HD. Get the latest coolsat software & instructions for all models, including Coolsat 8000HD.Coolsat 6000, Coolsat Premium, free to air satellite receiver, Coolsat 6000 Premium Features SW Upgradeable via INTERNET or RS-232C cable MPEG-II Digital & Fully DVB Compliant Auto Diseqc Scan Di SEq C Control 1.0, 1.2 compatible Simple Satellite Scan Fast Multi-Satellite Search Blind Search 4, 13 Multi-Picture Screen 3200 Channels Programmable Fast OSD Respond.OSD (On Screen Display) with 256 Color Channel Sorting by Alphabet, Transponder and CAS Channel Control by Delete, Skip, Lock, Move and Favorites.Coolsat continues to bring us innovative FTA products.Introducing the new Coolsat 6100 Private free-to-air satellite receiver.features Faster Channel Changing Faster Channel Scanning, and Extended Memory 32 Mb.The Coolsat 6000 premium comes with a Universal Remote control to easily control your television or receiver volume.


Coolsat 6100 Private is the only unit, which will allow you to replace a burned fuse in the event of a power surge.The Coolsat 8100 HD Micro PVR is Coolsat's best FTA receiver.



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