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I’m quite sad to be away from everyone in my home town for such a long time, but this is my job and I...

BRIAN PUSPOS He is an incredible talent, who has reached millions of fans around the world, started his career in Houston as a member of the Soreal Cru.

Being on this show since week 1 all to the way to week 8 is a dream come true, and since being on this show I’ve become closer to everyone in my dance crew, we’re all like brothers now and nothing will ever tear us apart.

Even if we don’t get into the final’s next week “Mos wanted crew” will never stop dancing and sharing what we love doing most too all our supporters.

not just to give 'props' In my opinion, I think Brian is not fully happy with Aja or he doesn't love her that much.



In 2014 he won the title of “Male choreographer of the year” by World of Dance and proved once again why he is one of hottest choreographers on the scene.After a dance off at the VMA Preshow, the public voted again, and it was announced during the VMA's that Fanny Pak won.Andrew Baterina also choreographs for famous Korean-American singer Jay Park.And during their breakup he sided with Ian, clearly showing his support of them breaking up. Sad a dude in his late 20's got involved in such a young relationship. How could Brian have had any influence on Chian breaking up.

Sure Ian may have picked up a few ideas from him (Brian being scum in the dating area) and as we all know miss batoon had a play in Chian's break up. I agree 100% with the last 2 confessions, or at least I get the same impression.I also got a douchey vibe from his 'let me tweet my support' for Ian instead of text just to shut ya'll up.



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