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Causes of loneliness in marriage Due to the ever expanding global economy, many people are travelling in their jobs.When children are brought into marriage, the man will feel left out as his wife is always tired and busy looking after children.The highest load time is 0.90, the lowest load time is 0.51, the average load time is 0.62. That is a simple fact that continues to increase due to stress and people feeling that the needs of their relationship aren’t being met.Set aside time every day to concentrate on talking with your spouse. Keep the conversation easy and light and don’t bring up issues or problems at first.Remember that you are trying to increase the communication and feelings of closeness. Instead of assuming your partner knows your needs, discuss this with them.


After a couple gets what they wanted from the relationship, a distance starts to grow between them, leading to feelings of loneliness.

Yet with the economy many people also find they can’t afford to live on their own.

With online dating being the new norm for singles, it has now also become so for those who have lost that status.

Lack of respect is another cause of loneliness in a marriage.


When couples become demanding and take one another for granted, it can cause severe strain in marriage especially if there are children as well.

It not only leads to millions of divorces each year but also strains many marriages that seem strong.



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